Kyle Reich

Kyle Reich

Madison Heights, MI, US


Logan Square Community Center and Vocational School

At one end of the spectrum, the building is an icon, an enormity unable to be grasped in its entirety at street level. Its exterior form remains a mystery to most, and becomes referred to simply as “The Pyramid.” Converted into a logo for collectibles and novelty items, the building is known to all, even those who have never been to Logan Square.

However, experienced in person, inhabitants begin to focus solely on the portions of the building that they know. Containing a plethora of programmatic spaces, the building becomes a village, an amalgamation of spaces which exist individually and as part of a group. Rituals emerge and familiarity grows as inhabitants discover the soft side of a monster.

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Status: School Project
Location: Logan Square, Chicago, Illinois

Miniature CD Set
Miniature CD Set

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