Kyle Schleicher

Kyle Schleicher

Chicago, IL, US


A Machine for Shadow / Dwelling Mechanism for a Terminal Biologist

The structure is a solitary refuge where the biologist may carry out his research of the native tallgrass prairie. Various life-support mechanisms are suspended/ mounted within the scaffolding-- composting tank, geothermal unit, wind turbines, photovoltaics-- a reminder of the human engagement with nature, which casts shadow onto the landscape.

A living container (level3,4) and a research container (level8) are connected by a tempered vertical circulation spine. Viewing platforms may be accessed on multiple levels/ orientations, relative to the shifting contours of the site.

The project reconciles the conceptual premise of shadow with the implication of adopting a site. The program is a reference to Martin Heidegger's discussion of the fourfold, which addresses the role of mortal beings in the presence of earth, sky and the divinities. A machine on a hill provides a new way of experiencing the landscape.

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Status: School Project


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