Kimberly McDonald

Kimberly McDonald

Pittsburgh, PA, US


Saco Lake Bath House

This bathhouse, located alongside a hiking trail in the hills surrounding Saco Lake in northeastern New Hampshire, imposes the ancient ritual of bathing sequentially in cold, hot, and cold water upon its patrons. It mimics the singular path of trails found within the proximate landscape.


As the patron enters the structure, a downward angled wooden wall on their left juxtaposes a heavy concrete wall on their right, dimming light as the space becomes more intimate and private. The patron enters a changing room on their right, and then continues to follow the transitioning wooden wall. The culmination of this transition rests on a lionized and untapered corner, where the guest is forced to cross the dark pool of frigidarium in order to reach the unframed view of the lake and hills that the caldarium opens to. Moving backwards through the space, the wooden wall, now on the right, gestures an absolute dissolution into nature as the contiguous landscape becomes more visible as they exit the bathhouse.

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Status: School Project
Location: Crawford Notch, Connecticut


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