Kimberly McDonald

Kimberly McDonald

Pittsburgh, PA, US


Collaborative Center for the Arts

Grounded at the prime intersection of Washington Street and Avenue de Lafayette in Boston's downtown theater district, this performance space intertwines music, dance, and media. Hosting two theaters, four practice studios, administration offices, lecture space, and a media lab, along with a public gallery and cafe, the collaborative arts center creates a spine along the bustling streets, beckoning the public towards its open courtyard and outdoor performance space.


As a patron moves through the building, whether to the ground-level formal theater or upwards to the other floors, specified points along the circulation path drive the overarching geometry of the interior spaces and exterior form. These keynote points most often appear as reliefs on the staircase. While these landings not only serve as floor plates for various program, a series of radiating lines also eminiates from them. This logic drives a dual understanding of the building for those moving through it - how the space is used and how the space was formed. 

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Status: School Project
Location: Boston, MA, US


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