Juan Ades

Juan Ades

Paris, FR


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I am an Argentinian Architect from the University of Buenos Aires (UBA). I have worked in architecture for almost 11 years.


I have always worked in project design and construction management, either as an employee or independently. I have continuously proven to be entrepreneurial –as shown by my independent projects. And hard working which is demonstrated by the fact that I worked full time throughout my college studies.


During the last 2 years I have been working for AS Architecture-Studio, a French firm with offices in Paris, Beijing, Shanghai, St. Petersburg and major projects in Middle East.


However, I am deeply interested in shifting my career by working in yet another country. I believe this change and new challenge would empower me to give proper use all the skills I have learned working in projects and dealing with another culture I profoundly admire. Also I would, obviously, like  and to learn from new experiences.


I have solid experience in developing projects of different scales in Argentina, Uruguay, France and Middle East, working independently and in collaboration with other architects and architectural teams.


I have managed integral architectural projects:

- Dealt directly with customers to understand their requests and objectives.

- Prepared projects’ presentations for customers.

- Documented full architectural projects.

- Developed projects from preliminary sketches to construction documentation.

- Coordinated and worked with various consultants.

- Auctioned projects from construction companies and individual contractors.

- Compared budgets and hired companies.

- Supervised contractors and managed budgets.

- Adapted projects to changing conditions during the construction process.

- Brought potential new clients to the different studios.







Architecture-Studio - Paris, Paris, Project Architect and Project Manager

Met potential clients, specially in Latin America and other activities related to

Collaborated in different projects such as:

- Santiago Deseado, Simulador 3D.
Urban Planning. Santiago de Chile, Chile. 165ha.
Project manager urban planner for studies.

- Seddiqi & Sons Headquarters and Showroom. Dubai.
UAE. 5,000 m2.
Project Architect for private competition. Won.

- Juliette Dodu Prison Restructuration in Mixed-Use.
Saint-Denis, La Reunion. 6,000m2
Project Arquitect for competition.

- Mixed-Use Project Al Nahr.
Beirut, Lebanon. 26,000m2.
Project Architect of Conceptual & Preliminary Design Phases.

- Palm Villa, Dubai.
UAE. 1,500m2.
Project Architect for private competition. Won.

- School Building Restructuration and Expansion of Cité Scolaire Honoré d’Urfé.
Saint Etienne, France. 25,000m2.
Architect for Detailed Design Phase.

- School Building Renovation and Expansion of Grand Lycée Franco-Libanais.
Beirut, Lebanon. 43,000m2.
Architect for competition.

Sep 2013 - current

Mariano Clusellas, Buenos Aires, AR, Associated

Collaborated permanently in over 80 projects as associated architect, project architect, construction manager assistant or intermediate architect depending on the project.
Most of the projects were done in association with Cristián O'Connor, Alberto Campolonghi, Sebastián Colle or Rodolfo Croce.

Sep 2003 - Dec 2010

Fundación Proa - Museum of Contemporary Art, Buenos Aires, AR, General assistant

General assistant: production, exhibition design and mounting.

Jan 2002 - Sep 2003


Facultad de Arquitectura, Diseño y Urbanismo - Universidad de Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, AR, MArch, Architect

Mar 2000 - Dec 2009

Liceo Franco-Argentino ''Jean Mermoz'', Buenos Aires, AR, High School, Argentinian and French Baccalauréat.

Elementary and High School.
Diplôme du Baccalauréat Général.
Economics and social studies.

Mar 1985 - Dec 1998

Areas of Specialization 


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