Joshua Caluag

Joshua Caluag

Houston, TX, US



The info_PODS library re-thinks the future of libraries as it transitions from print to digital. With the development of tablet computers and downloadable books, libraries are becoming a thing of the past. However, these advancements in technology open new possibilities for the future library. The info_PODS library breaks the traditional ideologies of a library and creates a more interactive environment between people and building. Instead of focusing on how many books can fit in the library  became how many people can interact with the books. The solution became: technology pods, reading pods, and leisure pods; a collection of pods that create public voids that will never be overtaken by the books.

Located within the low income area of Third Ward in Houston, TX, the library gives locals a safe place to interact, hold events, and learn. The chosen site and design proposal taps into the ongoing expansion of the Metrorail intended to further connect more areas of Houston. The existing library is the Smith Neighborhood Library in between the University of Houston and Yates High School. This public library is sited right beside what will become a future Metrorail stop currently under construction and the within the underdeveloped neighborhood of Third Ward. By renovating this library and tapping into the Metrorail project, the proposal benefits Houston’s urban growth and its future.

Each pod is a storehouse of information where people can relax, read a book, or escape into a quiet zone. The bookshelves and pods are interwoven and wraps around a naturally lit core. wInfo_PODS is ultimately a community center in which to socialize and learn. 

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Houston, TX, US
Additional Credits: in collaboration with Adan Razo and Mirna Santillan


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