Joseph L. Flynn, AIA

Joseph L. Flynn, AIA

Los Angeles, CA, US


Hill House - Nicaragua

The Hill House is designed for the tropical environment of coastal Nicaragua.  Special attention was paid to solar and wind orientation, as they impacted the heating and cooling for the space.  Large patio spaces wrap the open floor plan of the home, allowing for shaded outdoor space to enjoy the view.  A double height chimney was also incorporated to facilitate the natural ventilation of the structure.  

The materiality of the building reflects the architectural vernacular of the area.  Brick and reinforced concrete serve as the primary structure, while wood, tile, and stucco are used as finish materials.  All materials are locally produced or harvested.  In addition, building construction was carried out without the use of heavy machinery.

Through a synergy of environment and building form, the hill house achieves a balance within its hilltop setting.  The project was modeled in REVIT, where environmental studies as well as constructibility issues were studied, tested, and resolved.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Nicaragua, NI
My Role: Architect


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