Johannes Lupolo-Chan

Johannes Lupolo-Chan

Raleigh, NC, US


Lodge on the Lake Shortlisted Entry

The international design competition asked for proposals for a new official residence for the Prime Minister of Australia on a nominated lakeside peninsula plot named Attunga Point. The competition asked the schemes to consider and define the function of a contemporary official residence particularly in a democratic state like Australia.

My response is a series of interlocking pavilions that use the landscape to divide the public and private spaces through level changes. The idea of the ‘front verandah’ as a meeting place manifests itself in the public spine that runs along the east where public parks, media center, cafe and museum allow visitors to interact with the building.


This submission was a finalist out of 242 entries worldwide and exhibited at the Gallery of Australian Design in Canberra in 2013.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Canberra, Australia


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