Jhon Gonzalez

Jhon Gonzalez

New York, NY, US


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I am highly skilled in 3D design software such as Sketch Up, 3D Max, Rhino and Revit, and I am proficient in AutoCAD and Microsoft office. I am also a member of the “COLEGIO DE ARQUITECTOS DEL PERU” #14535 since I graduated from Universidad Peruana de Ciencias – UPC. Now I am looking for an opportunity where I can apply my skills in a new office.

My experience spans a broad range of projects and my skill set is diverse. Most recently, I oversaw the design and preliminary construction of quite a few exclusive residential properties, including some beach houses. Two are currently under construction, and I continued to conduct inspections until right before I left Peru. My proudest achievement as of late was the design and BIM development of the Headquarters building of COCA COLA Company in Lima, Peru. My role included the daily coordination with specialists, participation in all the client meetings with the General Manager of Andean Coca Cola Company and overall design. This project was in my hands from the very first sketch, and it was approved by the Lima Building Department when I left the office a month ago.


Seinfeld Architects, Lima - Peru, Project Manager

Apr 2010 - current


Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), Lima Peru, BArch, Architecture

Aug 2002 - Aug 2006

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