Jacob Esocoff

Jacob Esocoff

New York, NY, US



MIDTOWN, NYC - Future Terminal is a proposal for a new Port Authority Bus Terminal that responds to current social, economic and technological trends. Specifically, the steady rise of tourism in NYC, an eastward migration of tech and start-up jobs and the promise of automated vehicle travel.

In this design seven transportation nodes are connected by vehicle and pedestrian bridges in order to define a central waiting space. This waiting space is monumental in its scale yet casual in its openness to the sidewalk and sky. Here, tourists and travelers may have a moment of reflection before entering the madness of midtown or boarding a bus.

At the base of each node are the pick-up and drop-off terminals. Buses circle through the node on a rotating platform so that movement of the bus is not interrupted by passengers entering and exiting.

Each node also contains space for startups and other entrepreneurial ventures in the floors above the terminals. Each company is given a floor with 360 degree views of the city as well as opportunities for interaction with other start-ups via a central circulation space running vertically through the node. The central space of the station may also be used for on site beta testing of products.

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Status: School Project
Location: Midtown, NYC
My Role: Designer


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