Jenna Schiller

Jenna Schiller

Lake Zurich, IL, US


Elgin Private School PreK-8 (4th Year-Undergraduate)

  Nature is an important part of our lives and is a strong connection to a beneficial learning environment. We should be good stewards of nature, while also having the willingness to learn from it. The building is set at the highest sustainability standard of Living Building Challenge (LBC). Their mission is “to offer a global vision for lasting sustainability, partner with local communities to create grounded and relevant solutions and reach out to individuals to unleash people’s imagination and innovation.” Each petal represents site, water, energy, health, materials, equity, and beauty. The project’s concept is focused on the idea of a blossom with each part being essential to its growth with the beauty in its potential. This is also seen in the scohool with its many different programs all to benefit the students in their potential for growth. Our site is located in Elgin, IL next to the Fox River in a large expanse of land. The project uses this space to design the surrounding land for native planting, agriculture, wetlands, and a natural outdoor playground. Each classroom has a designated outdoor learning space, even on the second floor with intensive green roofs. The building is also broken up with green roof systems, solar panels, and water collection.

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Status: School Project


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