Jenna Schiller

Jenna Schiller

Lake Zurich, IL, US


East Garfield Park Hypermarket (3rd Year-Undergraduate)

Many people in low-income neighborhoods have minimal access to affordable and nutritious food. This is seen in Chicago where 600,000 people live where fresh and healthy foods are unavailable. These areas are called “food deserts” and cause many health issues. The hypermarket is aimed to respond, along with the environmental, cultural, and communal needs. This project is located in East Garfield Park and the concept for this project is the idea of a stem. A stem breaks down into different layers while being a cohesive whole. Each layer represents community/relationships, community service, special program, and food market. When these layers combine, it allows the community can grow as leaves, each being a community, health & wellness, culture, security, and density. This is expressed in building form seen in the breakdown of layers above.

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Status: School Project


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