Jean Gu

Jean Gu

Ottawa, ON, CA


Chair for Mulan

Mu-lan is often perceived in popular culture as a simple fictional figure. In-fact, the ballad is a significant cultural piece that boldly portrays both femininity and masculinity of a female in the ancient Chinese culture. Masculinity is expressed heroically through acts of bravery and courage; feminine qualities are expressed through life nurture and elegance. This design aims to appreciate the cultural value of the character. The resulting product, dedicated to Mu-lan, express the duality of "the bravery of a man" and "the charm of a lady".

"Behind a bold armour disguises an elegant figure;
and yet, one cannot stand without the other. "

The Mu-lan chair employs sustainable material through its structural frame and skin. We believe in beauty, strength and durability that can be realized through sustainable design principals.

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Status: Built
Location: Cambridge, ON, CA
My Role: Designer, builder
Additional Credits: Partner: Anne Cheung


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