Julianne Collins

Julianne Collins

Tampa, FL, US



My name is Julianne Collins, and I am a recent graduate of Florida State University with degrees
in interior design and art history. My love of all things art and design began at an early age,
and flourished when I began taking fine arts classes in high school. I not only learned essential
technical skills for visual expression, but was also provided with a new way of observing and
analyzing the world around me. In college I pushed these skills even further, taking classes in
the history of art, the elements and principles of design, and the graphic arts, eventually finding
my niche in the realm of interior design.

Travel has played a key role in my development as a designer. Experiencing different cultures and environments has broadened my perspective on how people shape their surroundings. In each place I visit I ask myself, “What is the design language, and how can I translate that into my own personal aesthetic?” Therefore, each new experience enhances my creative vision, and adds something different to my work.

My personal philosophy as an interior designer is two-fold. I believe that to be successful the design should work on an invisible level, fulfilling all necessities and functions without conscious thought on the part of the user. With that said, I also believe very strongly in the importance of the visual aesthetic. An interior must appeal to the visual sensibilities of those using it, or the ingenuity of the design will be lost.

In short, design without people in mind is no design at all!



Marc-Michaels Interior Design, Winter Park, FL, US, Interior Detailing Intern

This past summer, I was selected by Marc-Michaels Interior Design to complete a twelve week
internship in their “Intern via Instagram” competition. Located in Winter Park, Florida, Marc-
Michaels is an award-winning firm ranked #1 in residential design by Interior Design Magazine.
Working within their Interior Detailing department, I shadowed top designers and learned the
essentials of client presentations, construction documentation, and presentation-level graphic production. I also assisted the design team assigned to the New American Home 2014 project, conducting phone calls with vendors, placing orders, and producing a specification booklet of all materials and finishes for the home.

May 2013 - Jul 2013

Kool Beanz Cafe, Tallahassee, FL, US, Waitress/Hostess

Nov 2010 - Apr 2013


Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL, US, Bachelors, Interior Design

Major in interior design with a minor in art history and criticism.

May 2008 - Dec 2013

Institut Catholique de Paris, Paris, FR, Intensive French Language

Jun 2009 - Jul 2009


Intern via Instagram Competition Winner, 1st Place


Work featured in "Six Magazine", Other

Corporate yacht design featured in Florida State University's "Six Magazine", an annual publication of student work from the College of Visual Arts, Theatre, and Dance.


Areas of Specialization 


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