Javier Martínez

Javier Martínez

Madrid, ES


Parador hotel

The Parador Hotel is located on a prominent edge of the city,
between the historic Genovés Park and the sea. This premium
position is an appropriate address for the only five-star hotel in the
area. It offers a range of services, including the most extensive
congress facilities of any Cadiz hotel to serve the local community
and businesses.
Driven by a careful urban strategy concerned with the preservation
of Cadiz’s skyline, the project comprises a fifteen stories tower
rising from a grander podium. The slender tower acts as a marker
for the scheme, adding to the language of spires in Cadiz. The
building main facade is oriented to maximize natural light while
reducing unwanted solar gain in the summer, but capturing the
sun’s rays in the winter months.
The sixty bedrooms hotel and the rooftop terrace spa offer an
unprecedented level of luxury, with spectacular views across
historic city and sea. The landscape roofs of the lower building
contain the congress center. The podium extends the greenery of
Genovés Park.
This building provides a new landmark for Cadiz, while forging a
dialogue with the historic center and the Atlantic Ocean.

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Status: School Project
Location: Cadiz, ES


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