Javier Martínez

Javier Martínez

Madrid, ES


Introverted house

Located on Cadiz’s historic center, the house is sited in a dramatic
shared wall of ancient houses. The strategy for its construction
involved creating a main and continuous interior space. Views to
the interior and a small private courtyard are central to the project
The client, a local artist, combines living and working in one
location. The house breaks with traditional planning guidelines,
which typically create separate zones for residential and industrial
Approached from the city, the house is discreet, dug into the line of
the street. Three stories façade has panels of polycarbonate.
Opposite side is glazed, with sliding doors that dematerialise the
boundary between house and private courtyard. The outdoors
becomes a natural extension of the interior.
Indoor is the exciting part of the house. Service and rooms areas
are arranged around the perimeter, allowing the main grander
space to be configured as one continuous, with double and triple
height volume. Stairs connects the private living rooms and the
studio space. Light enters through a top-lit space.
The house enabled a profound exploration of traditional historic city
architecture in a modern response. The building is conceived to
look inside, in order to protect people from hot and noise.

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Status: School Project
Location: Cadiz, ES


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