Javier Martínez

Javier Martínez

Madrid, ES


Horizontal skyscraper

Located on a Madrid’s traditional neighborhood, the experimental
horizontal skyscraper, as long as Burj Khalifa is tall, hovers over
blocks of buildings. The program contains several public uses for the
city and a student residence.
The scheme appears as if it were once floating on a sea of buildings,
leaving the structure propped up high on ten legs. The decision to
float one large structure creates new spaces and amazing views over
the city. The façade is clad with vertical aluminium brise soleil and
glazed panels.
The most developed part of the project, three floors public library, is
located in one of the fingers of the building. The scheme reformulates
the concept of the traditional library forbidding screens and security
barriers. The entrance is configured as a big area for social uses.
Bookstacks are located at the centre of the floors, with reading desks
arranged around the perimeter. The library has double and triple
height volume to bring natural light to the grander space and upper
floors, supplemented by indirect lighting from continuous fluorescent
The floating building allows to easily maintain old residential buildings
creating new upper spaces for the city.

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Status: School Project
Location: Madrid


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