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Sep '06 - Dec '09

  • as you requested... more on tools of understanding

    Since some people seemed interested about this information in my last post, I thought I would post a more full list of tools and where to get them:

    software for environmental engagement research and analysis:

    sun path diagrams-wind roses-other climatic info:

    Thorough and easy to use design and energy analysis software:
    ALL it can do:

    Specific analysis of solar strategies (it tells you if your overhang is big enough, etc...)

    EPA Target Finder (gives you a target for energy reduction based on building program and region)

    embodied energy (although I have to admit I am confused on how to use it)

    a graph showing average temperature, relative humidity, direct solar radiation, and diffuse solar radiation as a function of the time of day:

    These tools may not be applicable to every project, everytime (specially in studio), but are probably good to know.

  • tools of understanding

    doing some environmental research on the site and, as always, I am captivated with the pragmatic beauty of some of these tools. take the wind-rose for example: and the solar path diagram: also, I have created an experiential material palette of the surrounding site: from the vernacular to the...

  • Digital Nightmares

    the bad news: this is how i spent my weekend... the good news: I think i got it i ♥ parametric variations in closed solid models...

  • fall '06 final schedule

    Studio 8 credits Goals: I am open for anything. There are some issues I always try to engage: the politics of building (who do you build for and why, what about the "others"?), environment, etc. Right now I am also studying issues of architecture and national/cultural identity, and the...

  • Koolhaas' "Preservation of History" - timeline and description

    ??-Line begins 5:15 got into the line with at least 200 people in front of me, lecture starts in 45 minutes. 5:30 They start letting students in, by now the line snakes through a big portion of the second tray 5:35 I get into Piper Hall (GSD's auditorium), it is almost full, I find a nice little...

  • Ready, Set, Go!

    Design project: 146,000 sqft Science and Art Building in Allston. Site:Harvard Allston Initiative studio critic: Amale Andraos. Some info on Amale Andraos:GSD ProfileWorkACarchrecord2 Seems like a good semester, now let's get into it... P.S. More on the Schedule later.

  • what's your word?

    This is the first on what I can only imagine will be a series of rants/thoughts/questions/requests. In this first such post I have a request.I would love to see all the words that archinecters (and others) use to describe design that innovatively engages natural, environmental, and climatic...

  • Schedule

    gsd 3rd semester fall '06 schedule-possibilities gsd 3rd semester fall '06 schedule-preferred gsd 3rd semester fall '06 schedule-reality looking to take: 1 Studio, 3rd from the Core series 1 CAD/CAM digital fabrication class 2 History/Theory classes Next week I will be going to all the classes in...

  • Looking back - Portfolio Nostalgia

    CHECK OUT THE UPDATED AND EXPANDED PORTFOLIO, also includes larger images... A last review of the design work that I included in my application portfolio before my new design studio series begins:NY1: Manhattan Youth Community Center Main idea: I used the imaginary circulation patterns of a UN...

  • GSD by the numbers

    So... Orientation and registration started and I have found myself, along with the other AP's, busy trying to figure out what the hell is going on. I am now digging up records, books, notes, and syllabi for classes from yesteryear to see if they will help me avoid taking 'Materials and Methods'...

  • Santa Fe to Cambridge - An American Postcard

    A Collage of pictures from the 2,200 mile (3,600 km) Santa Fe to Cambridge trip.

  • the first post

    Hello Archinecters, This is my first entry and I am excited to start school and document it for everyone to see. First though, I had to give props to the many school bloggers (Oana, Hasselhoff, AP, Marlin, others...) that so eloquently document their school lives. Some more stuff about...

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