Grant Inglis

Grant Inglis

Cincinnati, OH, US


Merge Pavilion

The Merge Pavilion symbolizes the coming together of the architectural, student, and public communities as they work in cooperation towards new ideas and solutions for the future.  In the spirit of the early twentieth-century International Congress of Modern Architecture (CIAM) which produced many of the progressive architectural and urban ideas of the Modern Movement, the Architectural Congress of Ohio attempts to rekindle this ethos for the design community, civic leaders, and general public.
The Merge Pavilion takes the Work/Resource, Exhibition, and conjoining spaces, and bends the program into a cohesive whole, creating a controllable flow.  This easily adapts to their varying needs of daily studio work, lectures, exhibitions, gallery openings, and special events. Providing the tools and resources at hand, the architecture enables intense collective work resulting in forward-thinking answers to the design problems of tomorrow. 

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Kent, OH, US
Additional Credits: Collaboration with Alex Rossini


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