Nicholas Gianetti

Nicholas Gianetti

Boston, MA, US


Friend's School on Jamaica Pond

The Friend’s School, intends to foster a connection to nature through a wide array of educational functions centering on ecology, sustainability, and the Olmsted legacy . Situated on a ridge overlooking Jamaica Pond, the chosen site stresses the importance of the pond and the surrounding environment. Along the ridge, the building’s form generates a path of discovery, designed to guide occupants to a reconnection with nature. Several moments throughout the building, such as a response to light or a view to the pond, spawn this reconnection. Along the path, a series of troughs fill with overflow from a constructed wetland, to create an “Aquatic Necklace”. This necklace strengthens the relationship to the water and further emphasizes F.L. Olmsted’s legacy on the site.

Summer 2010

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Status: School Project
Location: Jamaica Plain, MA, US
Additional Credits: May - August 2011


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