Garrett Rock

Garrett Rock

New York, NY, US


Corridor City

Spring 2011. Prof. Mary Pat Mattson.

Englewood is in decline. Over the last ten years, the neighborhood has hemorrhaged
a quarter of its population. This had led to large swathes of vacant lots and disused
buildings. What if this abandoned territory became Englewood’s greatest asset—a
re-appropriation of urban density by introducing a corridor of landscapes?

Corridor City, a two-mile territory, is an urban alternative for Englewood. Over the
course of the rail embankment, a series of moves are made to create a layering of
artificial topography to stimulate programmatic interventions. Having served as an
industrial and manufacturing rail line, the corridor is littered with traces of historical
past. By juxtaposing new relationships with the terrain, these foundations, loading
docks, and abandoned structures serve as commemoration of Englewood’s distant

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Status: School Project
Location: Chicago, IL, US


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