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Francesca Morroni

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Rationalism in its generic sense refers to any field that appeals to reason to define behaviors and beliefs. In general, the rationalist philosophers argue that, starting from basic principles, intuitively or experimentally identified, we can get the rest of knowledge using a deductive process. A significant example is the golden section, that is that part of a segment which is the proportional average between the whole segment and the remain part of it:
1: a = a: b
1: a = a: (1-a) -> (1-a) = a 2 -> 0.618...
Even the mathematician Fibonacci studied the golden section: among the numbers of his succession
there is a relationship for which the ratio of two successive terms approaches very quickly to 0.61.

The project, developed at a Design Laboratory during the first year of Msc in Interior Design
in collaboration with Sara Commodi and Chiara Mariotti, is based on rationalist theorems and
laws through the construction of lines that recall the golden section.
Starting from these considerations, we defined the height of the two mezzanines in 3,82 m from
the ground and we designed a concrete panel in the middle of the square (the cube figure was the
basis on which to build the project), creating an angle of 60°. This panel welcomes clients inside
leading them to the bar, in front of the entrance.
As the protagonist, the panel marks the internal space and creates two areas: a more open one
on the right and a more intimate one on the left. The inclined panel is cut five times vertically
to allow the flow across the area, creating four sections which follow the Fibonacci sequence.

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Status: School Project
My Role: Designer, 2d and 3d drawer


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