Francesca Morroni

Francesca Morroni

Milan, IT


METAMORFOSI | Contemporary Art Gallery

Metamorfosi is the project of my final thesis of my Msc in Interior Design and it is an art gallery in the
Alzheimer Café previously analyzed. Reading the book The Metamorphosis by Kafka it is possible to find many similarities between the protagonist and the symptoms of an AD patient: both find themselves transformed into something else than what they were before and the relation with other individuals contributes to make matters worse, because they are isolated. The aim of the exhibition is to communicate the AD to visitors and to make them emotionally involved in the understanding of the illness. For this purpose I have chosen four artists who face the common motif of metamorphosis, but using different mediums: sculpture with Antony Gormley, installations with Yayoi Kusama, light with Olafur Eliasson and video with Bill Viola.

The first section shows Antony Gormley’s works. The organization is very simple: white walls and floor slabs of gray concrete, which chromatically adapt to the color of the sculptures. The light is strong at the beginning becoming less intense proceeding on the visit; the same happens for the temperature which is warm in the first room becoming increasingly colder. In this way the visitor is more involved and experiences a growing sense of unease.

The last room faces a white corridor, which is very long and very high: the prospect has been forced by tilting the walls and ceiling. The idea is to provoke a feeling of estrangement in the visitor, who will be afraid to cross it, also because of the shiny walls that reflect a strong and white light. The corridor is inspired by the exhibition Loop by Monika Sosnowska, which has altered and distorted the spatial parameters, motivated by a Kafkaesque exploration about oppression and by a desire to make the space free.

The corridor leads the visitor to the second section, that hosts the works by Yayoi Kusama. In this case the metamorphosis is about spaces. The works are "I’m here but nothing", " Dots obsession" and "Aftermath of Obliteration of Eternity".

The works of the third section are related to light but also to their interaction with the public.The works are those by Olafur Eliassson: "Your blind movement" and "Beauty".

The last section is represented by a large room where the video Acceptance by Bill Viola is projected. The choice fell on this video because you can immediately understand the Ad patients’ suffering who must accept his degenerative condition. The protagonist of the video turns from indefinite shape to a recognizable person, who shows her visible pain and finally gets to overcoming it with its acceptance. The video is projected in the same room several times and not in sync, so as to strengthen its message: the patients must go through this stage several times, both because they forget to have the disease so they find out it several times, both because they must accept the increasing physical and mental provations, being a progresses evil.

The exhibition ends with the landing in front of the stairs to go dowstairs. This space is reflected
in a false mirror, which is actually an interactive HD screen. The display projects the space behind the visitors, while the individuals are reflected in their movement but have different appearence. In this way, the visitors can see their own metamorphosis, so that they no longer recognize themself in the mirror image. The installation works by using a system of motion capture (MoCap), coordinated with a software that links it to preset 3d human figures. Kinect Microsoft is the technology chosen for this project, an accessory for the Xbox 360 video game that can catch human body motion, allowing the player to control the console without the use of tools. Kinect has RGB cameras with a dual infrared depth sensor. Using such technology combined with advanced modeling of 3D characters, the installation get a reaction of surprise from the visitors, who may thus experience their own metamorphosis, or at least its simulation.

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Status: School Project
Location: Milan, IT
My Role: Designer, 2d and 3d drawer


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