chicken or egg

May 17 '14 5 Last Comment
Olaf Design Ninja_
May 17, 14 11:44 pm

Who came first?


The chicken builder or the find me some lucky strikes professional Architect?


May 18, 14 1:55 am

Cheers! I've had a few drinks too, tonight.

May 18, 14 9:29 am

the poor intern who just got his 150k-student-loan degree worth and is willing to work for peanuts.

f*cking economy! lets all move to Asia.

Olaf Design Ninja_
May 18, 14 10:33 am

and to your point Quan Nyen Tran

May 18, 14 1:40 pm

I just had a chicken salad sandwich and scrambled eggs for brunch. Smoke-free too.

Olaf Design Ninja_
May 18, 14 6:05 pm

ok, got it -  bowling, cigarettes and breakfast.

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