3D scanning to BIM


Does anyone have experience in 3D modeling from point clouds?


Just curious about the process that goes into this and also the software used. I was approached a few weeks ago by my boss about researching more into this topic. My company owns a Faro 3D laser scanner and are currently trying to get into the scan to BIM market. 

I've been messing around with pointclouds in REVIT, just to get a feel for what we are trying to accomplish. I would really appreciate any help with this topic, or if anyone could point me in any direction as to where I should look for more information on this topic. 

May 16, 14 3:19 pm
boy in a well

scan to bim of what?

does it need bim?

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May 17, 14 1:57 am

Alot of people are getting in this game and everyone I know whose in it taught themselves.

May 17, 14 9:41 am

I would direct you to

May 17, 14 12:27 pm
Olaf Design Ninja_

screenshot your stuff and describe over all purposes, i'm down to learn anything on this.


there's a 3d Scanner out there made in Australia or NZ and then going to go to market in UK this year I think, can't remember name, but basically in say 20 minutes of walking you scan a couple thousand square feet of a building - all point clouds etc...

May 17, 14 7:12 pm

scan what to BIM?  a detail you come across in a cool building? :D

May 17, 14 9:54 pm
Olaf Design Ninja_

connect the dots brainiacs...

May 17, 14 10:51 pm
Olaf Design Ninja_

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May 17, 14 10:52 pm
Olaf Design Ninja_

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May 17, 14 10:52 pm

My office has used a 3d laser scanning company to get existing conditions and site surveys. The point cloud data is in full color as well and is accurate to 3mm. It's really cool stuff.

May 18, 14 10:05 pm

Not sure if this would help..

Step by step method of inserting point clouds in Revit

• For including point cloud data in Revit project, modelers are required to open Revit first. • Once modelers have the accessibility to Revit, the next step is to convert the available scanned data into effective file formats.

• BIM modelers can use Autodesk® ReCap, for converting raw scanned data into point cloud files.

• So modelers have to transform raw scanned data into suitable point cloud files during the indexing process.

• The outcome of indexing process is the transformation of raw scanned data into .rcp and .rcs file formats.

• Now as soon as .rcp and .rcs file formats become available to users they can easily link the point cloud files within a Revit project.

• In an .rcp file which means ‘Reality Capture Project file’ countless .rcs files (Reality Capture Scan files) are included.

• So for inserting point cloud files modelers are required to click ‘Insert tab’ after which they should be clicking ‘Link Panel’ and they should ultimately select ‘Point cloud’ icon within Link panel.

• After this modelers should identify which file to link in the project.

• BIM modelers can either pick an .rcp extension file or they can select an .rcs extension file as per their requirement.

• For inserting the file in Revit project BIM modelers have to use Point Cloud tool. • Once a suitable file is selected by modelers they then need to concentrate on how to position a file in the project.

• For positioning a file in project they have to select either Auto - Center to Center option or they can also use an option among Auto - Origin to Origin, Auto - By Shared Coordinates and Auto - Origin to Last Placed.

• Once an effective file positioning option is chosen by modelers they should click ‘Open’ to link the point cloud file in the project.

Jun 20, 15 6:47 am

Here is a great article I came across along with the case study on 3D scanning to BIM, might be this could help you out.. 

Sep 9, 15 1:22 am

What do you need to know? This is my specialty so ask away or alternatively visit us at

Sep 9, 15 4:26 am

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Sep 9, 15 11:37 am
Bobby Lin

Hi! I have experience in 3d modelling from Point clouds. 3d modelling and printing are my specialties. Just shoot me a message if you have any more questions. 

Sep 9, 15 9:57 pm

I think this will help you

In this site i read the procedure for point cloud modeling

They have explained about inputs, software, technology etc used for point cloud BIM.

May 23, 16 3:30 am

Just realised this is now old.

May 23, 16 5:12 am

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