3D scanning to BIM

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May 16, 14 3:19 pm

Does anyone have experience in 3D modeling from point clouds?


Just curious about the process that goes into this and also the software used. I was approached a few weeks ago by my boss about researching more into this topic. My company owns a Faro 3D laser scanner and are currently trying to get into the scan to BIM market. 

I've been messing around with pointclouds in REVIT, just to get a feel for what we are trying to accomplish. I would really appreciate any help with this topic, or if anyone could point me in any direction as to where I should look for more information on this topic. 


boy in a well
May 17, 14 1:57 am

scan to bim of what?

does it need bim?

that silence you're hearing is probably people not wanting to share hard-won workfows.

I get kicked out of the club just saying that.

you owe me.

May 17, 14 9:41 am

Alot of people are getting in this game and everyone I know whose in it taught themselves.

May 17, 14 12:27 pm

I would direct you to

Chris TeeterChris Teeter
May 17, 14 7:12 pm

screenshot your stuff and describe over all purposes, i'm down to learn anything on this.


there's a 3d Scanner out there made in Australia or NZ and then going to go to market in UK this year I think, can't remember name, but basically in say 20 minutes of walking you scan a couple thousand square feet of a building - all point clouds etc...

May 17, 14 9:54 pm

scan what to BIM?  a detail you come across in a cool building? :D

Olaf Design Ninja_
May 17, 14 10:51 pm

connect the dots brainiacs...

Chris TeeterChris Teeter
May 17, 14 10:52 pm

olaf you douche you mean


zeebedee ???

Olaf Design Ninja_
May 17, 14 10:52 pm

fuck you Teeter!

May 18, 14 10:05 pm

My office has used a 3d laser scanning company to get existing conditions and site surveys. The point cloud data is in full color as well and is accurate to 3mm. It's really cool stuff.

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