Are expensive software licenses a problem for the softwares used by architects?

May 13 '14 3 Last Comment
May 13, 14 8:59 pm

Can you please include the following in your answer: 
- Are the free alternatives (if any) good enough to get the job done? 
- What are the other alternatives possible (include student versions, trial versions etc.)?


May 13, 14 9:32 pm


May 14, 14 9:55 am

Trials and student versions explicitly say that they are not to be used for commercial use. Commercial licenses are a big deal(financially) for all firms. They're just part of the cost of doing business. 

Non Sequitur
May 14, 14 9:59 am

and I thought my $20 lead holders were expensive... that changed when I saw how much software subscriptions costs. In the end, the cost of software is wrapped up in the professional fees.

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