Anyone wanna be my partner in architecture competition in Indonesia from June - September????

May 13 '14 2 Last Comment
May 13, 14 12:38 pm

I am Architect In Indonesia, which focus in vernacular architecture, and work with bamboo, i hope i can meet with someone who has same passion,and i really wanna find partner for bamboo competition in this year from june - september in Indonesia,and some urban i open to everyone to come to Indonesia and worki together in this competition.and absolutely with passion,please contact me at


May 13, 14 4:17 pm

I WANT TO, but I am to new to be any use for you and can't go to Indonesia. I can however provide architectural visualization help I know 3ds max and adobe software, thru email free of charge.

May 13, 14 4:28 pm

Then again disregard the last stupid comment I have enough on my plate as it is sorry bro.

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