I wonder whether that one of LEED GA exam (from the sample exam from some website) got the wrong answer.

Apr 19 '14 3 Last Comment
Apr 19, 14 10:36 pm

For this item " Project sites in _X_ altitudes can generate significant electricity using photo-voltaic panels and reduce their energy use for hot water by using solar hot-water heaters." 

The answer for X is "low" with the explanation " In general, sites at lower altitudes have access to the more direct sunlight, making it easier to generate electricity via photo-voltaic panels." 

I think the answer is conflict with common sense? It should be the higher altitudes that could access to the more direct sunlight, isn't it?

Please note that the question and answer is from the other website that is not associated with USGBC ^^'.


Apr 20, 14 6:45 am

Latitude not altitude?

Apr 21, 14 11:20 am

Ohhhhh, that's make sense. May be the book that I had printed it wrong -*-

Apr 22, 14 8:07 am

First it was a website and now its a it could be from an exam you flunked...

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