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Apr 14, 14 11:02 pm

Hello Everyone,

I just finished my associates degree in Interior Design, but realized in my last months of studying it, I wanted to do something more. I know for a fact that I do want to stay in the design industry, but am very confused in where to take the next step for my career. I've been considering pursuing Architecture for my bachelors degree.. it is just overwhelming to me. 

I'm a hands-on person. I love building things/model-making. For the most part, I'm familiar with the programs architectural firms use: Cad, Sketch-up, 3ds Max, Photoshop, Illustrator  (Currently learning Revit and Maya). I love sketching and do enjoy, digital and marker renderings. Since I'm an Interior Design major, I am also familiar with the architectural styles and periods. 

But I know too many students who have dropped out of architecture and I am also not the strongest in math, nor science. Since interior design and architecture somewhat intertwine with each other, architecture seemed like the right path to take next. It takes a very long process to be a licensed architect.. and the whole process, truly overwhelms me. I am also having trouble deciding what other options I can take from where I stand...

Does anyone have any suggestions for where to take the next step in my career? Has anyone been an Interior Design major, but wanted to do something more? Thank you in advance to everyone and I value your opinion/suggestion.


Apr 15, 14 9:36 am

you're not going to be able to get around taking technology (building physics) classes if you want to pursue a professional degree in architecture. if you don't want to or don't think you are able to work on pages of moment, shear, beam, column, etc. calculations, then a degree in architecture probably isn't for you.

if you think you can do enough to get by in these classes, then the rest will be worth it. just be aware that you will have to take at least 4 of these classes during a typical professional degree as a part of the licensing process.

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