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Hobby Architect
Apr 13, 14 1:33 pm

When I'm going to add a component I can't find any. If I search "kitchen cabinet" only like five things show up. 

I have used this program before and It worked then, and you din't have to search then. What am I doing wrong?


Quan Nyen Tran
Apr 13, 14 1:58 pm

you are using the wrong program. use Revit

Apr 13, 14 2:30 pm

Your both using the wrong programs. Use rhino

Apr 13, 14 2:36 pm

You're all using the wrong program. Use Minecraft.


Apr 13, 14 3:43 pm

When in doubt, Rhino it out.

Apr 13, 14 4:41 pm

Digital it out. Hand drawing is in.

Apr 13, 14 5:13 pm

why draw just build.

Miles JaffeMiles Jaffe
Apr 13, 14 5:47 pm

Do it online.

Quan Nyen Tran
Apr 13, 14 7:30 pm

There is no spoon.

Apr 13, 14 9:25 pm

ms paint if you have real balls

Apr 14, 14 10:30 am

are you using a potato?  you should be using a potato.

Apr 14, 14 1:27 pm

The potato is a lie.

Quan Nyen Tran
Apr 14, 14 10:29 pm

Hey, potatos have feelings too you know. Do not put potato in the corner

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