Which one among Pratt, Syracuse, UT austin and Sci-arc (B.arch program)?

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Apr 13, 14 11:24 am


as an international transfer student, I had applied architecture schools in US and 

I got admission from Pratt, Syracuse and UT (got rejected at Cal poly and 

Sci-arc will review my data after May 1) Thankfully, I got scholarship from Pratt (18,000 USD per year) and the other schools are not.


Every final decision in my life always have drove me crazy but this time's decision is very very very convoluted. So, I really want to hear some voices like pros and cons or direction after I graduate one of these schools.


Thanks for reading this and have a joyful weekend!


Apr 13, 14 11:24 pm


Apr 15, 14 11:26 am

Can you give me the reason why you suggest Sci-arc?

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