Anybody headed to Yale?

Apr 11 '14 2 Last Comment
Apr 11, 14 8:51 am

15 April is around the corner and I figured most of us would've made the big decision by now..

Anyone headed to the YSOA for M.Arch. I or II? I just put down my deposit, but I'm halfway across the world with limited research resources...did anybody hit up the open house last week? Experiences?

I think it'd be great if us potential Yalies could connect here...has anyone started looking for housing? Which areas, and do you'll prefer studios or shared apartments?


Quan Nyen Tran
Apr 11, 14 7:11 pm

in the words of our president,

yes, we can!

to all of the above questions

Apr 12, 14 1:28 am

Oooh nice. Which program are you headed to?

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