Seeking for advice on Staedelschule vs. Bartlett

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Mar 29, 14 2:25 am

Hello all.

I've applied for multiple unis. for my grad. So far I've been admitted to the Staedelschule in Frankfurt, Bartlett is pending an interview decision, and I was rejected by MIT. I'm now seriously considering the Staedelschule Architecture Class (SAC) as I've always dreamed of studying in a good school in Europe.

1. However I have what could be considered cold feet, considering that I will be entering a rather avant-garde Art-based learning environment (I come from a non-Art learning background, mostly Sciences). Has anyone faced this situation before and can perhaos provide some insights on how to adapt in this case? I find that I'm not totally accustomed to the artsy/avantgarde lingo that was thrown around during the Skype interview yet.

2. Further to that, I would like to gather opinions about the reputation/performance of the Staedelschule from forumers here - what have you heard or know about the Staedelschule - in terms of quality of course, employability, living in the city, etc (both good and bad) that may be important consideration factors for one that is contemplating to enter the school?

3. Also the opinion of UCL Bartlett vs. the Staedelschule. Which one would you pick if offered both and why? Obviously cost is already one point for the SAC - the tuition is almost half of Bartlett's.

Thank you and appreciate all insights!


Apr 6, 14 3:40 am

I have a same situation with you.

I got both of admissions from Bartlett and SAC.

I probably will go to SAC.

The main reason I choose SAC is tuition-concerned.


Apr 6, 14 4:00 am

Are they both post-professional Masters ?

Like most post-pro Masters offered in the UK , they are focused, area-specific. You should know what you want out of these programmes , otherwise you're wasting your time and money.

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