UCLA Jumpstart Intro to Architecture

Mar 24 '14 0
Mar 24, 14 11:38 pm

I'm considering enrolling in UCLA's Jumpstart Introduction to Architecture program this summer and am looking for people who have completed the program in recent years.  

It's a fairly expensive program for a non-UC student pursuing full credit and my college will only accept 4 of the total 11 credits when I return in the fall.  I will be a junior next fall and although the credits won't transfer, my intention is to study architecture for my remaining 2 years (I have been studying dance to this point, primarily) and it seems like the UCLA program will offer an intense immersive experience that I'm hoping will fortify a foundation going into the next two years.

Any Jumpstart people around?  With your experience in the program and given the situation I described above, would you enroll for the summer?  Is the experience worth (literally $$) not receiving credit?  


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