salary of architectural modeler

Mar 11 '14 5 Last Comment
Mar 11, 14 1:54 am

Can anybody tell me what salary is paid to person who make beautiful models of buildings by hand holding the title of Architectural modeler


Non Sequitur
Mar 11, 14 7:47 am

That job still exists?

I just thought they just ask the minimum wage interns to do this.

Saint in the City
Mar 11, 14 9:19 am

Dying craft.  I haven't seen one built lately.  Granted, there are still some very talented model builders/shops out there, but yeah, generally, it's an intern task.  

Mar 11, 14 5:07 pm

If I'm not mistaken, these fall into one of two categories nowadays:

Farmed out to an office ($$$$$) that only does this, similar to a carpentry warehouse. This is almost exclusively for the developer's showroom.

Interns on the competition beat, in-house. This is almost exclusively for the competition entry of the firm.

Logan DumontLogan Dumont
Mar 11, 14 7:53 pm

I'm an intern and mostly build models along with the occasional CAD work.

For the "showroom" models used for planning commissions and reviews, we farm out the models to a model building office, which we end up paying top dollar for.

Mar 11, 14 8:19 pm

Big firms have in house modelers who are very talented, work like crazy and don't make much. The smart ones open their own boutique model building shops.

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