Wait listed: What now?

Mar 8 '14 3 Last Comment
Mar 8, 14 10:02 pm

I'm hoping there might be others out there that have been or are in similar circumstances.

Over the weekend I was wait listed by Yale,  my first choice for MArch I. I'm still very hopeful to gain admission and was wondering if anyone can shine light on my chances? Additionally, should I do anything extra? I've read of others that have written emails or letters to heads of admissions to show their commitment to the school.

Anyone who has advice would be really appreciated! Cheers


Mar 8, 14 10:32 pm

This will be my first post on Archinect, though I"ve been reading through the forum for a while now. Just feeling the need to give back today. :D

I think you'll find this article helpful: It outlines four scenarios (acceptance with funding, acceptance without funding, wait lists, and rejection) and what to do in each.

I'm currently deciding between M.Arch I programs as well.

Best of luck!

Mar 9, 14 1:07 am

Thanks a lot U.u, very insightful. Either way, I have a few long weeks ahead by the look of things...

Mar 9, 14 8:21 pm

Same here. Glad you found the link to be helpful. Hoping that spring brings us good news.

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