Need Feedback Please!

Feb 22 '14 1 Last Comment
Feb 22, 14 7:32 pm

What is your biggest hurdle with 3d printing at your school? Are their any major pain points for you other than the obvious issues with material and cheap looking end result? I'm working with a team that is looking to optimize the process for design and architecture students and we need feedback. 

Thanks everyone!



Mar 17, 14 3:54 pm

Hi Stephen,
One option is to go with a powder-based printer rather than a plastic printer. The downside to powder-based printing is primarily durability, the parts can be fragile. The upside is a lovely, plaster like finish in high resolution (thin layers) and the option to print in full-color. 

Here's an example of a very ornate facade model my company printed for Chanel for a PR event, which now resides on display in their headquarters. 


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