Zoning Question: New York R5 Side Lot

Feb 20 '14 2 Last Comment
Matthew RaduneMatthew Radune
Feb 20, 14 11:33 pm

I'm going to start posting questions to zoning questions on Archinect, as I have a lot of them these days. Any help appreciated


First one: Is it possible to have an entry to an R5 multiple dwelling building on the side lot? I don't really see this happening, but was curious whether there is a reason why not?




Feb 21, 14 7:17 am

You have to give the property address to get a useful answer. I do zoning consulting, happy to take a look.

Do you mean a person entry or an automobile entry? Have you discussed w the AHJ? They are the ones who will give you the "real" answer.

Feb 21, 14 9:52 am

Don't take this as scripture, I'm just going from memory, but....

You can do this, but for a mid-block lot, to get to that side entry, you'll either have to create a side yard of 8' minimum width, or create an outer court, which has mandated min. dimensions and proportions of width/depth, so can't be just a skinny slot.

In either case, for narrow lots, you're sacrificing too much of the building's footprint to get that side access (25' wide lot, less 8' side yard only leaves you w/ a 17' wide building)...and depending on the zoning, you may not be able to get that lost footage back by just adding floors to the building.

For a wider lot, you'd generally want the

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