"Everyone's An Architect." Or not.

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Feb 10, 14 8:47 pm

Donna SinkDonna Sink
Feb 11, 14 8:45 am

Well, what say you, male Archinecters: is this an accurate representation of you?

...apparently, architecture is a good cipher for “sensitive, but not girly.”...

And female Archinecters, let's parse for what the opposite would be: is being an architect a way to be tough, but not boyish? 

And is there anything wrong with being boyish, or with being girly?

Miles JaffeMiles Jaffe
Feb 11, 14 9:14 am

I like boyish girls.

disdain for reality is a great quote.

Non Sequitur
Feb 11, 14 9:34 am

There is a radio add in my area for some insurance company using a female architect character. Quote: "I'm going to get a convertible, I'm an architect honey, it just makes sense."

Not sure how relevant this is, but it's annoying. Not as annoying as the overall marketing abuse of the title "architect" for everything from glorified furniture counters, real-estate people, make-up people, etc, etc... and all the tech and programming guys too. But I digress... or perhaps just avoiding working on this lipstick job that just never seems to end.

Jeffrey ParnellJeffrey Parnell
Feb 11, 14 9:48 am

No mention of "How I Met Your Mother." 

You're an architect? Like Ted Mosby, huh?  Cool!  I hate that show, and I hate the portrayal of the profession through that character.  He seems like the laziest, yet most stable architect in NYC.

Donna SinkDonna Sink
Feb 11, 14 10:27 am

I'm an architect. I do drive a convertible. But it totally does NOT make sense. It's a ridiculous car for an architect. But so damn fun!

Feb 11, 14 10:30 am

 "sensitive but not girly"  kinda like Bronson in death wish. 

Feb 11, 14 10:33 am

Donna convertibles are fun.  Only time it doesn't make sense is if you have some rolled up drawings with you...

Feb 11, 14 10:33 am

Lmao, I f@$king hate Ted Mosby!

I think we need to look at the stereotypes of being "girly" and being "boyish".  Girly people tend to have a higher eye for detail and aesthetics but are a bit slower when it comes to making decisions and afraid of risks and mistakes.

Boyish people are usually better leaders and live by mottos like  "shot first ask questions last" and "it's better to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission". I feel all Architects have both girly and boyish sides, but one side is more determinant in each individual.

i worked with both  a "boyish" Architect and a "girly". And the boyish architect made more mistakes but charge more, got paid faster and got bigger and in my opinion more interesting project than the girly architect. The girly architects took 2 1/2 months to design a f@&king kitchen. 

Donna SinkDonna Sink
Feb 11, 14 11:23 am

My favorite media portrayal of an architect is Adam Goldberg's insane Louis Sullivan-obsessed architecture student on ER.

Steven WardSteven Ward
Feb 11, 14 12:03 pm

i've been trying to ignore that article but everybody keeps posting it! it's just so reductive, offensive, and outright wrong. i didn't even read about the other job titles because - after seeing what a bunch of garbage was written about the architect role - it wasn't worth it. 

Feb 11, 14 3:03 pm

zipcar knows what's up.

Donna SinkDonna Sink
Feb 11, 14 3:16 pm

Hahaha that's excellent, toast!

Feb 11, 14 4:37 pm

Did all (most) of you miss the sarcasm / cynicism in that article? The author isn't agreeing with those statements above, the author is poking fun at the absurdity of them.

Come on, folks. You've out-jaded yourself this time.

Steven WardSteven Ward
Feb 11, 14 5:26 pm

Got it, bowling, really. Didn't find it funny, though - despite understanding it was supposed to be.

Steven WardSteven Ward
Feb 11, 14 5:28 pm

Maybe AV Club is where the Onion's unfunny rejects go?

Feb 11, 14 6:48 pm

Well then, we're in agreement on that, Steven. 

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