MIT - SMarchS in Design and Computation

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Marina CM
Feb 5, 14 6:48 pm

Hello all!!


I applied for entry in the SMarchS in Design and Computation program that MIT offers, for next academic year... has anyone been there?? What is it like?? Can I also take courses outside the School of Architecture?? I am also a Computer Science student and I am very interested in taking courses in the School of Computer Science... will I be allowed to do that?? Well that is in case I get admitted! haha


Feb 17, 14 12:17 pm

I'm in the SMArchS program right now, but not design and computation.I'm 100% percent sure that you can take courses from any schools and departments, which is the advantage of MIT.

Feb 17, 14 1:01 pm

Hi xdfwx, are you by somechance in the Arch+Urbanism program ? Any details about the program would be great. 

Heres a bit about myself.

Im 23-Indian-Subpar GRE Score (306). Internship at Prof.Mehrotras practice in Mumbai and around six months of teaching experience at the university here in India. Four letters- from the dean, two professors and one from the office I worked at. 

Unsure about my chances and the odds of making the program. Also have applied to the MAUD program at the GSD.

Marina CM
Feb 19, 14 1:31 pm

hey xdfwx, thanks for the answer!! i hope i get into MIT, seems to be a great fit for me

Feb 19, 14 10:56 pm

hey xdfwx which is the most common language used for programming in the computation group is it python or some other language ?thanks

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