Review and comment shop drawings - hourly cost?!

Feb 4 '14 1 Last Comment
Feb 4, 14 9:59 am

Hi there. 

I've been offered a job which I will do overtime after my working hours for several months. I'm supposed to be reviewing and comment the millwork drawings for a big store project in collaboration with the executive architect. He thinks that it should take me about several hours per day. Since I don't have experience with this kind of commision and I need to give him an answer of my hourly cost, could anyone please advice me of how much should I ask for in order to not be underpaid and get a good deal out of it.

I'm an graduated architect working in a millwork firm with two years of experience with executive drawings production and retail projects managing.

Thanks in advance.


Non Sequitur
Feb 4, 14 11:46 am

Bill them $40/hr and send them an invoice with hours-worked every two weeks.

btw, what's a graduate architect?

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