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Oct 21, 10 6:25 pm

Paimio Sanatorium Window - Aalto

Derek KaplanDerek Kaplan
Oct 22, 10 12:27 am

"an image of simplicity always entails torturous solutions."

eduardo souto de moura
Oct 24, 10 11:19 pm

h&dem @ aufdemwolf


kahn @ exeter - travertine joint aligning w/ stair tread.

erwin heerich @ insel hombrich
Oct 26, 10 12:59 am

Oct 28, 10 11:51 pm

guenter pfeifer

Nov 9, 10 5:08 pm

beautiful project by jonek + dressler architekten. view lots of sexy minimal details photos in this news post.

Nov 9, 10 6:56 pm


Nov 9, 10 6:58 pm

also... not so minimal, but i love it as well...

Nov 10, 10 11:25 pm

I realize I'm a year late, but regarding the Pawson home's roof spans, Aldo is correct. No structural ridge, the rafters are simply tied by steel plates. It's not typical, but not uncommon, either. It's funny because I've done residential the past 7 years and it didn't even raise a red flag when I saw that cathedral ceiling. If you go into enough older homes, you will occasionally come across sagging 2x4 rafters that aren't tied at all, supporting snow loads... Scary...

Nov 16, 10 4:18 am
Nov 16, 10 4:19 am

ah. so sorry to be a numpty. but it would be great help if someone could advise on how to upload an image. clearly i have just tried and failed :(

Steven WardSteven Ward
Nov 16, 10 7:22 am

replace your 04 with img.

Steven WardSteven Ward
Nov 16, 10 7:23 am

but then the image must be on-line somewhere and the stuff between the [...] a link to it.

Nov 16, 10 4:20 pm

Aren't more or less most of these from 'Space Invading'?

Nov 16, 10 4:54 pm

its the other way around... the space invading images are from this thread

Nov 16, 10 5:23 pm

ll, respect.

Nov 17, 10 3:00 am

take 2
Nov 17, 10 4:03 am

hema, interesting project.

here is a close up of that detail.

minimal details made space invading?!? awesome... we should publish an archinect book. paul?

Nov 17, 10 4:13 am

thanks for putting it upt..

(more did you do that..?)

a mouse
Nov 30, 10 5:02 pm

Pesquera Ulargui Arquitectos
Dec 1, 10 2:34 am

nice find... that is pretty sexy.

Dec 1, 10 2:52 pm

I just saw this one today and really enjoyed it. Im guessing several of you also did...

Nam HendersonNam Henderson
Dec 1, 10 3:17 pm

lletdownl is that Shigeru Ban's new Pompidou Metz?

Dec 1, 10 3:24 pm

its actually from this project called Pomaranc Residence by an office called AOCR
not aware of any of their other work...this one is a bit schizophrenic... though i do love that orange...

Dec 9, 10 6:47 pm
Dec 13, 10 8:22 am


Jan 9, 11 7:50 pm

I thoroughly recommend the Small Projects book referred to earlier in the thread.

Mar 24, 11 3:08 pm

sure a lot of you saw this one today as well, but i particularly loved this railing...

james webbjames webb
Mar 24, 11 5:42 pm

lletdown, where/who is/did the above staircase?

Mar 24, 11 5:53 pm

p2, it's artist Ann Hamilton, from here. It works really well next to the rough concrete, the way it bends to connect to the stair seems to allude to a more refined rebar.

Though it's a completely different connection detail;it reminded me of the stair in H&deM's Schwitter building:
Mar 24, 11 11:35 pm

so much more refined than schwitters. holy f*ck - nice post

Jun 15, 11 10:10 am

i really really like the roughness of the wood planking... mmmmmmm....
Feb 13, 12 10:46 pm

NADAAA (nader tehrani), back bay residence

Feb 14, 12 8:38 pm

That takes us back to the Pawson roof.  Some -- laymen, typically -- will not question what simply works.  Only a woodworker would really appreciate, perhaps, what's involved in the railing support just above ?  By the same token, only an architect might look at the Pawson detail and start to wonder.

As to the aligned screw slot, isn't it a matter, as well, of technique and technology ?  That is, a properly tightened screw or bolt tells the mechanic when to stop turning.  Aligning screw-head slots, in the absence of a nut hidden behind the scenes, isn't dependent on the aesthetics of the operator, but on the position of the threads on the shank.  Fine threads make it possible to align heads without compromising tightness . . .

If both slots are "misaligned" we think less of the outcome than if (as in the photo) one is aligned and one not.  A good solution:  the Philips or hex head ?

Feb 15, 12 12:20 am

. . . that is, hex drive socket head, I guess.  And  I should have said, "Fine threads make it MORE possible to align heads without compromising tightness . . ."
Apr 12, 12 2:14 am

yeah, with the square drives, i don't seem to notice directionality as much...

Apr 12, 12 11:23 am

here is a recent favorite of mine... its a different sort of detail then yours holz, but i still think its a great moment...


Apr 13, 12 7:00 pm

hooray for this thread still kicking!

Uno Tomoaki from various houses

Jan 14, 13 2:57 pm

Back to the screws issue... Is it just me, or is the bent flat plate just rather badly done? I find a bend that has begun to kink distinctly off putting. Perhaps the misaligned screws were on purpose to throw us off the scent?

Sep 4, 15 7:33 pm

These Dean -- if you mean the concavity of the outer surface at the bend, one could point out that the metal is doing what it "wants" to do, barring a restraint that would have prevented that curl from occurring.  I agree that a kink -- a sudden change in shape, indicating either sloppy workmanship and/or an incipient material failure, would be unforgivable . . .

These matters are vital in the discussion of craft, and its effect on the work of the architect and his deputies.  Carry on !

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