Disappearing thread?

Jan 31 '14 6 Last Comment
Erik EvensErik Evens
Jan 31, 14 9:59 am

There was a item in the "News" section, I think, about these modular prefab housing units designed by Neil Denari.  There were lots of comments on it, including a few from me, and I was following the conversation.  Where did it go?

This has happened a few times around here...threads, other items disappearing, and life goes on as if they never existed.  Is this a figment of ny imagination?  I'd hate to come to the conclusion that the editors here are censoring unorthodox opinions....but....???


Erik Evens (EKE)
Jan 31, 14 11:17 am

Well don't I look stupid.


I searched and searched through the News section, couldn't find it.

Erik Evens (EKE)
Jan 31, 14 11:18 am

Apologies to the editors.

Jan 31, 14 11:31 am

I have found that using my history "Comment History" link gets me to the stuff I comment on in the news section the quickest.

Steven WardSteven Ward
Feb 1, 14 9:47 pm

It was front page this week because of new comment. Hard to find because original post was several years old.

Nam HendersonNam Henderson
Feb 3, 14 9:53 pm

@SneakyPete, i just started doing that myself. quite useful for finding old threads...

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