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Jan 14, 14 1:11 pm

Hi All,

First post, long time lurker (kind of).....I know this is an architecture forum but I am currently an architect so I figured I would post up a question to see what I get for responses. I'm going through the start of the mental process of possibly making the jump to the CM side of the table and wanted to see if anyone on here knew some of the figures for the big CM firms (Turner, Shawmut, Gilbane, StructureTone etc.) Working in architecture I obviously realize the variation of salaries and bonuses (if lucky) for our industry but from what I can gather so far it seems like the big dogs on the CM side have a pretty standard pay scale.

The salaries of these positions are easy to find but I was wondering more about bonus structure at these places.The big corporate architecture firms pay pretty substantial bonuses from what i gather (10-30% of salary). Anyone have any inside info on the construction side? I would assume they are on par with the numbers above, or even better?

Also, if this isn't the best place to get this kind of feedback does anyone know of a similar forum on the web for CM?


Thanks in advance.


Jan 14, 14 9:08 pm

I work for a company similar to the ones you listed, it can vary company to company but here's a good baseline...this is where the bonus pool is "maxed out"

Asst Project Manager/Asst Superintendent - 50% of salary per project per year

Project Manager/General Superintendent -  up to 100% (based on experience and time on the project) of salary per project per year

Senior Project Manager/Engineering Superintendent - 100% salary + performance escalators 

Keep in mind this is per project, per year. So you are not guaranteed this each year and the job has to make money. 

Jan 16, 14 4:18 pm

LITS, Thanks for the response. I sent you a PM.

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