Architecture encyclopedia?

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Amelia Taylor-HochbergAmelia Taylor-Hochberg
Jan 13, 14 5:55 pm

What are some words/terms that architects have made up when discussing their work? I'm interested in how words get invented/manipulated to suit architectural discourse.

Some examples:

Orhan Ayyüce's "gin-fizz urbanism"

Steven Fleming's "bike-washing"

If possible, please credit the inventor of the term and/or where you found it.



Miles JaffeMiles Jaffe
Jan 13, 14 7:11 pm

My book The Hamptons Dictionary has a solid collection of language related to high-end residential architecture and construction.

Jan 15, 14 1:15 pm

How is it that Quondam has not yet posted in this thread?

Jan 15, 14 2:01 pm

I've recently invented:

"archikomori" - to describe the withdrawal of arch students (although I suppose some professionals are also stuck there too) into studio culture

"casting-couch architecture" - the process by which an architect or firm is propositioned to do something unpleasant by an elite client with either the hopes of future commissions (e.g., Dillsco tearing down Folk Museum) or to avoid risk of being discarded

Jan 15, 14 2:06 pm

Ooh, that Hamptons dicitonary looks promising.  I just downloaded the kindle edtion.

vado retro
Jan 15, 14 2:16 pm

i always like Facadomy.

Alien 8
Jan 15, 14 3:59 pm

Vado wins!

Orhan AyyüceOrhan Ayyüce
Jan 21, 14 11:00 pm

Magpie Architecture via Donna Sink's link

Jan 22, 14 10:21 am

Gregory, I've made up only a few words, the first, for example, chronosomatics, but that's not specific to architecture. The next two, that I can think of off the top of my head are:

reenactionary architecturism

reenactionary   1 : being or exhibiting the qualities of a reenactment   2 : the philosophical or theoretical notion that reenactment underlies much of humanity's cultural and ritualistic traditions as well as humanity's artistic expressions   3 : one of the foremost characterists of late 20th century tourism

architecturism   1 a : act, practice, or process of architecture   b : manner of action or behavior specific to architecture   2 : abnormal state or condition resulting from an excess of architecture   3 a : doctrine, theory, or cult of architecture   b : adherence to a system or a class of architectural principles   4 : characteristic or peculiar feature or trait of architecture


Quondam, a Latin and English word, has acquired a number of specific to architecture meanings which come and go, sometimes pertain and sometimes not:

quondam   1 : an enormous online collage   2 : some incompletely architectural museum   3 : architecture as delivery of content (in the enfilade slash labyrinth style)  4 : a practice hypermuseum   5 : the architecture [publishing] domain of Stephen Lauf   6 : a virtual place in architectural history   7 : a premier unbuilding that continually undoes itself   8 : the first virtual museum of architecture online   9 : once, at one time, formerly; at times, sometimes, once in a while; some day, one day (in the future)


I'm not sure I'm that big on 'inventing' terms, but I do like coming up with titles:
900419 Vitruvian Man -- Annunciation -- Diptych -- History of Man     920107 The Timepiece of Humanity    920825 über [collage] alles    931216 Sexydata    951207 The Body, the Imagination and Architecture (BIA)    951207 The Fight against the Stain    960422 About Hey Art Picasso How's Your Brother Dick?    960422 Wacho Couples    960422 Operation Complete    960422 Scale and Architecture    960503 The Brothers Metabolic    960503 [artworks called] Archives    960807 The Virtual Museum of Architecture    960815 Non Ici    960923 Not There: the phenomenology of a virtual museum of architecture    960923 "Conception" -- a chapter for The Timepiece of Humanity    960923 "Inspiration" -- a chapter for The Timepiece of Humanity    970523 Siamese    970611 Fountain of Youth...what would you call it?    970719 Towards a New Dexterity    970822 "The Theory of Chronosomatics" -- Chapter 0 of The Timepiece of Humanity    970828 Redrawing History    971226 Redrawing the Ichnographia of G.B. Piranesi's Il Campo Marzio    980107 "Points of Departure"    980112 data: department of architectural theory annexation    980112 "The Further Adventures of Dolly"    980115 "Life, Death, and the Triumphal Way"    980208 "Aldo Rossi and the Axis of Death"    980208 "The Ongoing History of the Circle-Square [Axis?] Juncture"    980215 "Continual Mistakes and Inversions"    980219 "Mistakes and Inversions: A Prefatory Review"    980219 "Redrawing and Reënacting"    980219 "The Key Plan"    980302 "The Tallest of Their Time"    980318 The Infinite Collection of Quondam    980321 "Via Villa d'Este"    980403 The Benjamin Franklin Parkway: An Interpolation    980405 "Piranesi's Campo Marzio: from beginning to end"    980423 "Piranesi's Theme Park"    980522 "location, location, location"    980618 Encyclopedia Ichnographica    980707 "Fathoming the Unfathomable"    980714 "Piranesi in the Garden of Satire"    980728 Subtext Reënactment    980831 The Brothers Metabolic: Schizophrenia and Architectures    980916 "Learning More from Las Vegas"    980921 Learning from Lauf (vague) S.    981030 "Mr. Mysterious Pyramid"    981030 "from: artificial oasis, to: thriving artificial oasis, re: missed lessons from Las Vegas"    981113 "Bumping into the Magna Carta"    981116 "The First Virtual House of the 20th Century"    981116 "houses of multiple personalities"    981116 "houses of many voices"    981116 "city morphs"    981123 "Peter Eiseman should read this"    981123 "Opening a Door on Rykwert"    981127 [Ottoland, City of Otto, Ottopolis] Ottopia    981129 "Histories of an 'Ideal House'"    981208 "A Friend of Schinkel in Philadelphia or Bin Ich ein Berliner?"    981208 wireframe/VENUE    981208 "H.A.B.S.: have a bad summer"    990104 Lauf Haus der Kunst    990119 Infringement Complex    990125 Ichnographia Ottopia    990125 Visiting the Local Acropolis    990125 The Architecture of Fashion    990125 Eros et Thanatos Ichnographia Campi Martii    990209 TPH@MMAD -- The Timepiece of Humanity at 2000 AD    990209 "Electromagnetism in the Body"    990223 "Inside the Density of G.B. Piranesi's Ichnographia Campi Martii"    990325 Theorizing a Schizophrenic Agenda for Architecture    990331 Zeitgeist: the body, the imagination, and architecture    990402 The Saintly Patronessing of Woman Architects (tsPOWa)    990419 Museumpeace    990523 "Theorizing the Metabolic"    990611 Casa (vague) S.    990614 "what it's been like" (working on schizophrenia + architectures)    990614 "(chronosomatically) contemplating the navel"    990704 1997    990707 "Virtual Participation"    990710 Attempting Virtual Place    990714    990815 An Architecture of Schizophrenic Spontaneity    990818    990822 "Quondam: a playground"    990825 Virtually Carved in Stone    990826 Innuendo: architectural theory virtually carved in stone    990826    990826 schizophrenia + architectures = a lot of unfinished business    990916 The Generic: a support system    990923 Equinoctial Augury    990924    990925 REMOVE    991004 Remove: a novel architecturale    991020    991020    991217 Reënactionary Architectures    991222 "I was doing Stella, frankly."    000123 Coming Apart at the Seamless    000123 Reenactments of Dear Laura    000123 Sorry Safari    000123 "Better Late Antiquity Than Never"    000123 Shock Monopoly    000123 "damaged goods"    000123 Imaginations, Zeitgeists and Architectures    000226    000306 "Damaged Goods or Museumpeace"    000311 Vapor Eyes    000311 [Signs of] Otherwise Eyes    000317 Diamatrix    000317 "the dot com look"    000321 "The Intentions of Ludwig II"    000321 "(chronosomaticly) Deconstructing the Kimbell"    000405 "Overall, One Very Piranesian Daze"    000405 "architectural body talk"    000528 Well Beyond the Piranesian Point of No Return    000528 Buddha Tooth or Guru 2 U2    000602 Signs of Helena Augusta    000602 Signs of Sagacity    000602 You Don't Know a Thing: the Autobiography of Rita Novel    000613 [Architectural] Non Sequitors    000623 Virtually Carved in Stone: a masterplan of mistakes and inversions    000623 Diptych: Architecture and Thinking Twice    000624 The Architecture of Being [FOG]    000712 Chinese Food City    000718 The Theory Masturbation of Fashion    000712 Clockwork's Inhumanity    000721 Quondam Ludi    000807 "Eutropian Bonding"    000814 Welcome to the Hotel Anecdotal    000815 Learning from Lacunae    000816 "Las Vegas for Dummies"    000818 "Is it time for time peace?"    000818 "After the Last Coffin: Virtual Sepulchers"    000820 Steve's Acropolis and the Garden of Satire    000823 In Ficticious Name Only: A Lacunary Autobiography    000824 A Quondam Le Corbusier    000825 Towards a New Product Placement    000826 Quondam Framework 2000    000831 Bustum Busti    000831 The Nimiety of Architecture: An Abundance of Redundance in Architectural Education, Theory and Practice    000831 The Complex Ugliness of Ordinary Contradictions, maybe    000902 "Toggle Switch"    000903 Free Otto Architecture    000903 The Free Ottopology of Ottopia    000909 Unthinking an Architecture    000913 A Quondam Piranesi    000916 Atypical Plan    000925 "The Modernization of Classical Antiquity"    000925 "A Catholic Architect's View"    000925 "Science [is a] Fiction"    001002 Rita Novel Tea: a brew of cult fiction    001002 "The Novelest Novelist"    001002 The Architecture of Virtual Eventuality    001002 An Architecture Stripped Bare by the Bachelor Stephen: Ein Unvollständigkunstwerk    001004 "Architectural Recognition"    001005 Helena and Eutropia: A Novel     001005    001005    001006 Subsequent Steps: The Architecture of Reënactment    001102 [a] vangardist reports    001114 Quondam Eventualities 001    001121 Taken Literally or Not    001121 Domestic    001128 From Triumphal Way to Promenade Architecturale    001128 Quondam Eventualities: Triumphs, Promenades and Reenactments    001205 6+ Lamps of Architecture    001211 Histoire Duchamp    001217 "Ordinary Complexity Minus Ugly Contradiction Outside Architecture"    001226 "The Grasping"    00127 Quondam Wavelengths    010106 The Metabolic Aesthetic    010115 John the Baptist Piranesi and the Metabolic Aesthetic    010124 Publi/City: Towards a New Product Placement    010124 Quondam Notitiae    010130 Hyper Architecturism    010205 Non Sequitor Architecturism    010205 Hyper Architectourism    010205 Hypersize    010211 Reenactionary Architecturism    010217 "enacting reenactment"    010219 Museum Collecting    010222 Quondam Thinking    010301 Quaestio Abstrusa 001    010414 "Quondam's Dutch Kitchen"    010414 Don't Come Toosoonio    010414 A Cautious Hit    010429 Etant Donnés' Back Door    010526 The Paradigm Shifting Architectures of Closely Related Imperials    010612 "virtual museums and unexpectations"    010801 A Freeway of Doing It    010801 The Fineprint of Fantasies    010812 "a museum of [someone's] shopping"    010817 EPICENTRAL    010817 "damnatio memoriae"    010827 saga/city    010912 PRND12 [Driving Architecture]    011018 Calendrical Coincidence    011024 A View from the Garden of Satire    011028 HyperHouses    011102 Projects for Uranus Fashions    011130 Theatrics Times Two    011204 Post-Quondam Architecture    011217 Sessorii Plus Ultra    011225 Piranesi and Death Disposals    020114 Tempobliviopolis    020115 A Lost Piranesi Found    020121 Augustacopia    020201 Learning from Girard Avenue    020203 being/appositional    020208 "88 houses of ill-repute"    020226 being/virtual    020301 A Paperless Theory and Practice Imagination    020330    020408 Stephen Lauf and the Unfinished Style    020623 The Dick Manifestos    020703 Projects for Quaestio Abstrusa Fashions    020705 Taking and Making Images    020705 "Preenactments of 9-11"    020729 Somewhat Incompletely Louis I. Kahn    020910 "Piranesi Police"    020910 Wildwood Chic    020930 lots of [for]bidding 021009 Welcome to the Hotel Anecdotal    021009 Somewhat Incompletely Piranesi    021014 Artist's Proof    021025 Art History for Crash-Test Dummies    021025 Reenacting Triumph on Fairmount, Even    021028 Dossier Duchamp    021030 Entombed Incalibrations    021112 Critics Abuzz    021113 The Adventures of Rocky Reenactments    021121 The Unlikely Grand Architecture of Rock Run Valley    021121 Obscuranti of Olney    021122 Playing the Pre-Shrine Curator    021122 The Underground Metropolitan Collection    021122 Telephone Not Included    021122 Damien Hirst I Ain't    021122 [Dropping the So-Called] Heilige Helena    021124 Born Exactly 178 Years After Benjamin Franklin Met King Louis XVI at Versailles    021126 Adventures of the Great Isfahan    021126 Infringement Complex at Midnight Inn: Exhibit A    021204 Post-Quondam Architecture    021204 Uffizi Pussy Kunst    021206 "quondam Quondam"    021206 FLATFILE    021207 The Homo Ludens Hall of Fame    021211 One Name/Artist Apposing Another Name/Artist    021213 The Decline of the Whiskey Empire    021219 Taken Two Literally    021229 Eutropian Theories    030123 "Rare not Duchamp plurals"    030123 Publishing Unpublished    030123 Miss Mysterious Pyramid    030123 Hyper Size    030124 Bombastic Piece    030124 Pop-out-of-it Art    030131 Voodoo Valley, 19120    030131 Towards a New Dexterity    030203 Philadelphia in Duchamp    030203 Mod Architecture    030203 buildings that move(d)    030222 Gym Otto    030223 American Immunity Idol    030223 Quasi-Quondam Bachelor Fearlessly Stripping in Absolutely Fabulous Drag    030223 Lights, Camera, Apostasy    030224 Apostate Architecture    030226 Museum Collecting    030226 Kissing That Reality Good-bye    030305 "Mnemonically Delineating Veracity"    030311 The Fruits of Uranus in Pisces    030311 Rubbing My Duchampiana Oeuvre    030311 "Anonymous Saint Appears Again While It's Biblically Flooding"    030320 "Calendrical Coincidence Day"    030325 The Bi Cycle    030402 The Living in the Dining Room    030403 Neugreenberg    030405 Schinkel is not Goya and lauf is not the Chapmans    030405 "Taboo Parlor"    030407 The Uraustellung    030407 The Curatorium    030515 Learning from Early Kahn Philadelphia    030521 Outside Inside Density    030617 Museumpeace Too    030617 How Dare We Art    030617 Dia's Dumpster    030621 Conceived Solsticiously, Born Equinoxious    030701 Étant Donnés' Back Door    030701 Pretensions of an UnArchitect    030927 Zippless, Zipthingy and Maytag: Enduring the Hell of Artforum/Talkback    031004 Clipped Architecture    031011 Architecture Not Now    031121 The Last Great Pagan Architecture of Rome    031127 Altar Ego or A Law of Silence    031127 The Fourth Definition of Lauf    031127 Undesigning Oblivion    031208 Uninhibited Habitations    031216 From Ottopia to Bottomopolis    040103 My B-Side Life    040106 Virtual Personae    040121 CSI: Uranus    040124 "The Siamese Twin Basilicas"    040128 Afterlife Address of Choice    030313 The Architecture of Taxation    040316 Un-Schloss Schizophrenia    040318 Simply Playing Earth    040329 The Odds of Ottopia    040406 "De Spectaculis II"    040416 The Wasteland II    040419 The Tragically Hip Mysteries    040419 Square Logs of the Arctic Circle    040425 House in Ottopia    040425 "The Ottonian Renaissance"    040425 "Nudist Camp at the Philadelphia Museum of Art"    040425 "a moldy paper on mildew"    040428 Le Corbusier Goes to Wildwood    040508 "The Marriage of Twisted and Column"    040508 "The Architecture of Constantine the Great"    040508 "Here a Versailles, There a Versailles, Everywhere a Versailles, sigh"    040514 "Reenactionary Bilocating Architecturism"    040515 Learning from Early Kahn Philadelphia    040519 The Year 2004 BS    040524 Art that is Otto and Einstein at Princeton    040529 Rewired    040530 My Favorites of the Campo Marzio    040530 "Artifacts of Ottopia"    040530 Architectural Otherness    040611 "The History of Terrorism in Film"    040613 Blicks von Moravia    040619 Waterline Plus Ultra    040619 The Best and Worst of Midnight Gardening    040624 So-Called Architecturism    040630 The Art of Exploitation    040630 The Influence of the Art of Exploitation    040630 Decadence, Editorship and Artforum    040716 Till Death Do Us Part    040731 Otto and Maria Might Just Throw a Casa Vogue Fetish Party    040813 Prehistoric Virtual Art History`````    040830 Architecture of the Divided States of America    040913 I Can't Wait to Paint the Rest of My Mother's Hummel Collection    040925 "Pilgrimage, Reenactment and Tourism"    040925 My Peace of Splendor    041005 A Fantasy Loss-of-Virginity Reenactment    041021 Ottositions    041021 Ottober    041026 Jersey Coast Architecture    041117 "virtually art"    041119 Chronosomatic Architecture    041119 "Architecture of the Imagination"    041124 Leaving Obscurity Behind    041124 "De Spectaculis III"    041216 Romaphilia    041219 Porticus Circulus Quadratum    041229 "Unguided Tour"    050103 "House on Non Sequitur Street Publishing"    050105 The Uncollected Demos Collection    050107 Kitschy Kitschy Koo Art    050120 I'm a Big, Fat Nobody: The Autobiography of Unbekannt    050303 "Welcome to Suburbobliviopolis"    050307 "I've never seen the Elgin Marbles, but..."    050324 "When a real house isn't enough, go virtual"    050407 "The Pope's Funeral and Ichnogrpahia Romaphilia"    050413 An Architecture of Removement    050416 The Lucky Bums    050419 "Notes on Concentration Camp"    050429 Bottomopolis Magazine    050506 Appositional Architecture    050524 Extreme Makeover: Vatican III Edition    050616 Rita Novel This Sontag    050714 The Bible Study Series    050807 "How Did This Happen Revisited"    050823 Rita Novel in Tunis    050829 Reenactionary Architecturism Tinted with Satire    050829 Billions of Ways to Catch a Euphrates Cat    050829 Original Reenactionary Architecture    060316 "Complex Iconography and Contradictory Content in Architecture"    060521 "the fashionable self-portrait series"    060521 "quondam architecture in a tube"    070730 The Camp [oh!] Prometheus Interviews    070730 Towards a Squeezed-Out Architecture    070730 Heavy Volume Everywhere    070730 The Architect Came Twice    070730 One Size Fits All    070730 Latrobe of the Capitol    070730 Does Your Architect Wear Boxers or Blobs?    070804 The Irrelevancy Style of Architecture    070808 Redesigning Newness: Architecture's Search for an Answer to Sprawl    070821 Architectural Foreskin or Not    071012 The Architectural Adventures of Peerless Publishing    071012 The Fearlessness of Peerlessness    071016 The Semipermeable Membrane of Architecture    071017 The Journal of Artificial Parameters    080807 Authorship Architects: A Work in Progress    080905 "Ur-Geo-Mimicry"    080905 Architektur von Vorläufer    080910 "It seems I prefer architecture profaned" Reenacted    080911 Coming Apart at the Seamless: dissecting architecture's superficiality    080924 Architecture in Critical Condition


Jan 22, 14 10:26 am

New working title: Some Titles become (non-existent) Links.

Miles JaffeMiles Jaffe
Jan 22, 14 10:37 am

Nothing like taking a virtual dump to succinctly address the issue at hand. 

Jan 22, 14 10:48 am

Miles, it mostly seems that all you ever do is take a dump.

Miles JaffeMiles Jaffe
Jan 22, 14 10:57 am

Quondam, maybe someday you'll learn the difference between a nugget of fertilizer and an overflowing sewage treatment plant.

Jan 22, 14 11:28 am

Miles, I do know the difference: I'm a nugget of fertilizer and you are the overflowing sewage treatment plant. You see Miles, your comments are mostly toxic, where as my comments get people to think.

Jan 22, 14 11:35 am

Quondam, I have tried to understand your posts, but there's so much obfuscation I gave up. Sorry, brother.

Miles JaffeMiles Jaffe
Jan 22, 14 11:40 am

Which clearly explains your widely ignored weekly dated defecations here and here, here, here and here, etc., etc., etc., etc., etc.

Oh, look - here's one that someone posted a response to. Oh, wait. It was only you. Sorry.

Jan 22, 14 12:16 pm

MIles, getting people to think and getting people to respond are not the same thing. Like SneakyPete just proved, my posts got him to think. He tried to understand, but he wasn't able to. Nonetheless, my post got him to think.

Jan 22, 14 12:19 pm

That's a bit like putting random words together, posting the gibberish, and then claiming it makes people think. I want to understand what you are trying to say, but you seem to delight in betraying the system of communication which would enable you to get your ideas across. That's not a failing of mine, and frankly I don't appreciate the underlying insinuation.

Jan 22, 14 12:26 pm

SneakyPete, but I don't put random words together, nor post gibberish. Yet I did get you to think I "seem to delight in betraying the system of communication which would enable you to get your ideas across." Gosh, that sounds downright Tafurian of me.

Jan 22, 14 12:29 pm

Carry on playing with your blocks in your tower, then.

Jan 22, 14 12:32 pm

it would appear to me the difference between the nugget and plant is entirely in quantity rather than quality.  one should also perhaps consider the location and frequency in which one applies their fertilizer, which is not addressed in the nugget/plant analogy.

Jan 22, 14 12:34 pm

is 'tafurian' a word?

apparently 'tafuria' could be mid-19th century samoan for 'a rocky place in the sea'

Donna SinkDonna Sink
Jan 22, 14 12:39 pm

Oh, Amelia.  I adore these guys in so many ways but I'm really sorry for this thread. It's a train wreck.

Orhan, I don't think magpie architecture was in anything I linked to? I think nam did.

I'm still thinking but can't come up with any good terms.  I had a professor (Kirby Lockard) who referred to suburban sprawl as "one-story peanut butter"; I always thought that was quite evocative.

Jan 22, 14 12:46 pm
Jan 22, 14 12:47 pm

curtkram, I always consider the location and frequency in which I apply the 'fertilizer'.

'Tafurian' is certainly not a word I invented; google provides numerous prior examples. The notion of "betraying the system of communication which would enable you to get your ideas across," however, does fit many aspects of Tafuri's modus operandi.

Jan 22, 14 1:00 pm

If this thread became a 'train wreck', blame Miles's unnecessary toxin. My initial post was on topic and indeed a response to Gregory. Miles then came in with his usual put-down...

Miles JaffeMiles Jaffe
Jan 22, 14 1:13 pm

Quondam, funny how easy you are to offend, I said more with 13 words than you did with 2,339.

Hey! Maybe that's why.

Donna, if you've forgotten how testosterone works Angus will remind you in a couple of years.

If you're going to talk the talk you'd better be able to walk the walk.

Jan 22, 14 2:14 pm

Miles, that's the point, you purposely posted here today to offend me, and this isn't the place to do that.

Miles JaffeMiles Jaffe
Jan 22, 14 2:41 pm

Dude, get over yourself already. You really don't have to piss yourself every time some takes a point of view contrary to your own. Especially over such verbal diarrhea as Reenactionary Bilocating Architecturism. 

Jan 22, 14 3:11 pm

Miles, more to the point, you're the one that has to get over me. You're obsessed with me, and that's odd because I don't care about you at all. It's like you're constantly trying to get my attention so that I notice you. And if you really didn't care about me, you'd ignore me. Are you in love with me or something?

Nam HendersonNam Henderson
Jan 22, 14 3:59 pm

@Donna and #Orhan actually toasteroven was the one who linked to the article re: magpie architecture

Miles JaffeMiles Jaffe
Jan 22, 14 5:31 pm

Quondrum, don't flatter yourself. I just have a low tolerance for bullshit and tend to point it out when I see it.

Jan 22, 14 6:13 pm

Miles, it's more like you use 'bullshit' as an excuse/denial of your own low (mental) tolerance. Like you said about your leaving architecture school, the professor's bullshit and that thesis had be drawn ink on vellum were your reasons for leaving, whereas it was more than likely your own fault for leaving, your own lack of tolerance. Virtually every architect has had to deal with some professor's bullshit and had to drawn in a way that they weren't particularly keen on, but they persevered, they tolerated, and they became architects. And they didn't try to project their own deficiencies onto others. So, whenever I see you calling out 'bullshit', it's usually you that is doing the bullshitting.

Miles JaffeMiles Jaffe
Jan 22, 14 7:29 pm

Quondam, I literally grew up in an architect's office. My single parent father was an architect and we lived the various offices he had beginning with one he shared with another architect. I was surrounded by architects and draftsmen every day. I went to job sites with my father, did office chores and started working construction at 11. By the time I got to RISD I had more real-world experience in architecture and construction than some of the profs. 

Which is how I knew that isometric murals were bullshit - my farher produced at least half-a-dozen large scale interior and exterior perspective renderings for each presentation, eye-level views that allow the viewer to imagine they are in the scene. Can't do that with an isometric. If isos are so great why aren't they the presentation technique of choice today? And I didn't leave, I switched into and graduated with a degree in industrial design.

Keep slinging bullshit. Maybe someday you'll actually hit something other than the fan that's blowing on you. 

Orhan AyyüceOrhan Ayyüce
Jan 22, 14 7:29 pm

For the encyclopedia, Quondam, do you think this qualifies as Reenactionary Bilocating Architecturism? Or, the site and building has to be identical although there is a strong inspirational connection? Can you show more precise example as to what you mean?

Thanks to toaster I now know magpie architecture.

boy in a well
Jan 22, 14 7:40 pm

so, uh (head scratching), isometrics made you leave architecture school?

like, you got angry at drawings? and changed majors?

Jan 22, 14 8:31 pm

Orhan, that image seems to fit the "description", doesn't it? There's reenactment, there's bilocation, and there's architecturism. I was always curious where that building is, and what it looks like finished.

The title "Reenactionary Bilocating Architecturism" comes from the fictional The Odds of Ottopia. It's the title of the paper St. Catherine de Ricci, Louis I. Kahn and Albert Barnes presented at the Horace Trumbauer Architecture Fan Club Convention (2005). The paper centered on the positive aspects of two Barnes Foundation locations. As you know, the new Barnes Foundation on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Philadelphia is, inside at least, a reenactment of the original Barnes Foundation in Merion, PA. De Ricci, Kahn and Barnes demonstrated how both Foundation locations could be used to the great benefit of art. De Ricci's expertise is in her being an actual bilocator, Kahn is the architect of the new design (because he already designed the Dominican Motherhouse of the SIsters of St. Catherine de Ricci and he was a student of Paul Cret), and Barnes has been estactic about bilocating since the car crash.

Orhan, I like your example of Villa Savoye Take Two (or whatever it actually is), because it's real. I have no idea what's up with Paul Cret's original Barnes Foundation gallery building, but, if it's still there, then the new Barnes Foundation is also a real example of Reenactionary Bilocating Architecturism.


Orhan AyyüceOrhan Ayyüce
Feb 4, 14 9:18 pm

"supercharged urbanismics"

I meant it to mean a socio scientific branch studying people who are super bedazzled with suddenly living in the dense inner city experience. Inspired by urban orgasmics, an imaginary condition.

Miles JaffeMiles Jaffe
Feb 4, 14 9:29 pm

Sounds like an STD.

Amelia Taylor-HochbergAmelia Taylor-Hochberg
Mar 3, 14 5:29 pm

@Orhan, Donna, Quondam -- thanks for your vocab additions. Train wreck or not, it's great to see people excited by semantics!

@Miles: could you share some choice terms from "The Hamptons Dictionary"? I'd love to hear some examples.

Amelia Taylor-HochbergAmelia Taylor-Hochberg
Mar 3, 14 5:46 pm

@the user who contributed "archikomori" and "casting-couch architecture" -- to whom should I credit those terms, and how did they first come about?

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