Interviewing: Foster + Partners

Jan 9 '14 5 Last Comment
Jan 9, 14 4:02 am

Any insights? Interviewing next week. 



Jan 9, 14 7:55 am

Live stream the interview some how and post the link the Archinect.

Jan 10, 14 2:48 am

Just tell mr Foster you know me, and your in.

Jan 10, 14 3:03 pm

If you get nervous interviewing for a multi-national firm of world wide awesomeness perhaps it would help to keep in mind the best part of that firm is they started business out of a room in a house.  

Tracey BornsteinTracey Bornstein
Jan 15, 14 12:17 am

I interviewed for cupertino. Office is fairly isolated, even by Silicon Valley parameters. Nicely appointed though.

Super nice Interviewer geeked out on one of my projects with dense technical detailing, and the fact that I could walk them through the specifics of how each building system supported the design intent. 

Looks like a ringer. They said to prepare for a phone follow-up with the home office. Never happened. 

Tired of the snow in Ithaca already? Take another walk around Beebe Lake.


Jan 16, 14 12:56 am

Not the same user, haha! I'm in NYC this semester by the way, pretty exciting!

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