not expensive but good universities in Europe for M.arch

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Jan 4, 14 11:17 am


Can someone please suggest to me some inexpensive but good universities in the Europe for M.arch courses. I'm looking at something that is within my limits to afford. I've looked at few universities in Austria, where they don't have too much academic fees to pay for but yet the living cost itself works out quiet expensive for which I'm hoping to have a part time job in between the hectic academic schedule to pay for my living so as to cut down on my study loan.

I've heard there are few good universities like these in the other countries of Europe which have the February 2014 intake for which I'm looking forward to apply to. I'm almost done with my portfolio and it will be very helpful for me if I can have a few back up universities in Europe. I'd Love to study architecture in Europe and It's been my dream to do so from very long.

thanks so much.


Jan 4, 14 12:47 pm

Didn't you post this before? Most european programmes start in sept. You will need to know the language of the taught course - there are some in English but not many. And if your only criteria is cheap - good luck to you - why bother - just take some free online stuff.

Europe is big place. Perhaps return to the person who you heard these rumours from and get the skinny.

Jan 4, 14 1:48 pm


Thanks I guess for your honest opinion. This is the first time I'm posting here. Guess I'm just trying to be less of a burden financially for people who want to support me but honestly this is the true scenario here. Anyways money is not completely an issue for me.

Please tell me if you know any good universities in countries like Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Switzerland for M.arch where education is cheap and  that teaches in English as I am also willing to learn the native language to know the city better. The deadline for September intake is February I here. 

Jan 8, 14 2:14 pm

Academia - Mendrisio, Switzerland 

Botta lives there. Zumthor and Olgiati are visiting professors 

Jan 18, 14 2:38 am

Thankyou Wabisabi.

Derrick SKPDerrick SKP
Feb 21, 14 7:27 pm


I'm guessing you've already submitted/found the university you like. but here's a link you can check..

May 8, 14 2:38 am

Hi everyone;

I  completed my B.Arch(5 Years) course in early 2013 in Hyderabad(INDIA) and i have 1 year experience in architectural heritage conservation firm. I'm planning to do a M.Arch course in Architectural restoration/conservation in Italy. I need help finding a suitable university that offers this course. Please help! 

Thank you.

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