Question about Portfolio and Toefl score submission

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Jan 4, 14 11:51 am

Hi everyone 

I'm a applicant just finished the Bartlett  MArch application

But I don't know how to submit my portfolio and official test score of toefl 

I have fill the toefl score in the online application.

Questions are:

1. I can't find the Toefl institution code of Bartlett
   Should I mail the official  score report to the school?

2.Should I mail the hard-copy portfolio directly after I finished the online application?  

and  what information do I have to include in the package?

I will appreciate your reply !


Jan 4, 14 12:37 pm

UCL Code is here - Bartlett is UCL

If they said electronic portfolio is fine, don't send hard copy - they do not want to deal with paper or have to send it back.

Jan 5, 14 5:41 am

Thank for your reply


But I still can't find the request from Bartlett asking applicants to mail or upload the portfolio?

Jan 5, 14 8:53 am

Bartlett has recently changed its web site so it doesn't say you even need to submit a portfolio.  At our Uni, we first look at applications then invite students to upload portfolio, interview/skype interview.  If I were you, just apply with the docs they require but at the same time write to the admissions people/links for bartlett.  

I found all of these UK uni web sites do make a very poor job at clearly describing to students what the process is for application/timing/interview/portfolio etc.

Jan 6, 14 10:39 am

I totally agree that UK University's websites are hard to find any application info. 

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