Good architecture related apps?

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Dec 27, 13 1:15 pm

All I have right now is Archinect and sketchbooks.

Do you guys recommend any other apps?


Dec 27, 13 1:36 pm

i just picked up simplemind to try out.  sketchbooks is the autodesk one?

has anyone tried autodesk 360?

for your phone, you probably need a construction calculator, a flashlight ap, a lightsaber, a level bubble, and a lighter for the emergency moments when a rock ballad comes on.

Dec 27, 13 3:15 pm

In my opinion there aren't any good architecture apps out there. I use different 'standard' apps to provide myself of the latest architecture news, grapics and inspiration. The following apps I use:

- Pinterest (following different architectural boards, daily inspiration)

- Tumblr (same as pinterest)

- Flipboard (is like a rss-feed, where you can subscribe on websites and show you the latest news).

- Pocket (is a read-it-later app, if I find some interesting text, interview or something else on the internet, I check it with a plugin and later when I have more time I read the architectural text.

- MIMOA (to see what architecture is nearby your location gps, I'm from the Netherlands and here it works great)

Also I got a question, I tried to install the Archinect app for the iPhone, but it won't work. When it is started the app will close automatically. Someone else has the same problems?

Dec 27, 13 5:28 pm

Wesley, How's the architecture market doing in the Netherlands?

Dec 28, 13 12:05 am

wesleyverhoeven - there is a known issue for some users outside of the US which causes the app to crash. A fix will be released to the App Store soon.

Dec 28, 13 4:51 pm

jla-x, The market in the Netherlands is at the moment not going well, in 2013 I did an internship at an architectural firm. It is a well known architecture firm in the Netherlands, called DOK architecten. In the last four years the ammount of employers has shrunken from 60 to around 18 because of the economic crisis. This is happening to a lot of other architectural firms unlike the superdutch architects, for example OMA, Mecanoo, MVRDV and UNstudio, Those firms are still growing, likely international.

Last summer I graduated from pre-master(Amsterdam) in architecture (more specific in building technology). Because there arent many job offers at the moment and I want to get my masters degree in architecture I decided to take a year off before getting my master. This 'between' year I want to learn more about architecture (and not technology) even made already a website and portfolio also I am going to travel to asia and backpack there for around six months. I hope to gain more experience and start well prepared at the University of Delft.

The master degree in Delft takes around 2,5 years for me, hopefully after those 3,5 years the market is positive for graduated architecture students. Unlike the firms, the universities are rapidly growing and they are setting a limit to architecture students. I hope this gives you information on how the market is in the Netherlands.


Thanks for the information, I will keep an eye on the app.

Dec 29, 13 11:06 am

In addition to many listed above I have:

dB meter
Simpson literature library
Stud Finder
Tiny Scan
Steel tables

Dec 29, 13 6:13 pm


Dec 29, 13 7:09 pm

Bluebeam Revu is a terrific pdf markup tool for Ipad

Dec 31, 13 5:44 am

Trace 2.0 

Jan 2, 14 12:44 pm

How is it that nobody has mentioned Genius Scan in this thread yet?

Jan 10, 14 6:40 am TagAPic app for architects

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