Bob Dylan paintings???fraud???

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Dec 27, 13 1:10 am

Well, first let me say that I love Bob Dylan's music, but recently I was looking at art killing time in the Internet and found that he paints too.  His paintings sell for quite a bit of money.  Didn't really think much of his paintings, they were ok... Any way, as I was reading up on his art I came across a few articles that showed that he actually was painting copies of old photos and passing them off as original works. Lol.  They were literally exact paintings of old photos from various parts of Asia.  

Well look it up on google... 

Heres my question, as they say its easy to make money if you have money...same seems true with fame..,its easy to gain fame/notoriety when you already have fame/notoriety.  This seems especially true with starchitecture.  I mean would anyone even look at a Zaha shoe if it were done by some FIT student?  Don't think so.  Why do famous people seem to get away with "the crap that follows" the "good stuff."  Do they begin to feel invincible and just think that anything they do is gold?  Do you think that fame warps their perception and ability to self critique by inflating their egos?   Seems like most starchitects reach that Metallica black album point.    Should they maybe just go out while they are on top like Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Cobain?  Nah. Maybe? Nah.. 

This thread has no clear direction....


Miles JaffeMiles Jaffe
Dec 27, 13 11:48 am

Examples abound. Kanye West, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Gwyneth Paltrow, etc., etc.


Dec 27, 13 1:06 pm

It's because these people have sold their soles to the devil.  Once they are part of this system, then whatever they do, you will buy it & you will like it.

Like in Zoolander when murry ballstein syas that Mugatu is so hot right now that he could wrap shit in tin foil and sell it to the Queen.

Dec 27, 13 1:09 pm

And speaking of fraun & deals with the devil, how about Kuubric's work on faking the moon landings so that he could make whatever movies taht he wanted?

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